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Co-Lead Organizer

Editor, "The Record"

Curtis Renee is an aspiring healer and chef, a reiki practitioner, and a lifelong Nonviolence (positive peace) activist from Detroit, Michigan.   Curtis' Social Justice passions encompass Black liberation, Black & Palestinian solidarity, feminism, and queer activism.  

As a Black Lives Matter (BLM) Detroit Co-Lead Curtis focuses on keeping the organization in alignment with its mission and vision, as well as in harmony with the broader BLM  region and network.  For the past 15+ years Curtis has had experience in developing, creating, and implementing programs in line with the larger vision of profit and nonprofit organizations (Leaps & Bounds Family Services, Urban Leadership Specialist, Feedom Freedom Growers, and Detroit Area Restorative Justice Center).  She also regularly works as a Legal Observer and is a founding member of The Detroit Safety Team.

Sloan III

Co-Lead Organizer

Editor, "The Record"

As the grandson of a Tuskegee Airman, John grew up understanding the importance of community organizing and social consciousness.  An accomplished actor, musician, director, and producer, John has worked for years to intersect his artistry and activism. 


He is a founding member of The Detroit Safety Team, working to re-center safety within the community and reduce the need for police interaction. He is also the founder of the non-profit organization, The Helping Hands Campaign for the Arts, and has organized fundraising and outreach events across the country, dedicating the efforts of the organization to increasing access to arts education and programming for underserved communities.  Sloan has written multiple editorials for the Black Lives Matter Global Network and acted as Media Liaison, Safety Coordinator, and Police Liaison for multiple protest actions.


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