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Black Lives Matter Detroit believes that fighting for Black Life means working to dismantle systemic racism, white privilege, and anti-blackness in all areas with short, mid, and long-term strategies.  As a result, we endeavor to provide programming, support, and advocacy in these key Impact Areas.





Since 2016, BLMDetroit has partnered with The Detroit Safety Team to redefine the concept of safety for the residents of Detroit.  We believe the current system of policing is inherently and intentionally biased, racist, and anti-Black.  Meaningful and sustainable change can only occur when community members are centered and non-punitive, non-carceral, transformative systems of safety are built.



food sovereignty

The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program is a collaboration with Keep Growing Detroit and SURG Detroit, that provides access to locally grown produce from Detroit Farmers to the Jefferson/ Chalmers area of Detroit.  This program not only creates access to fresh locally grown produce it also is the beginning conversation of what food sovereignty means.  Participants receive 10 boxes biweekly, starting in July and ending in November each year.

csa boxes_edited.jpg


Equitable access to educational resources is at the heart of liberation, and BLMDetroit invests considerable resources in this area.  Since 2021 we have distributed 2,500 Backpacks filled with school supplies to youth across Detroit.  This year we will continue that effort, gifting an additional 1,500 backpacks to students in September.    

backpack picture_2.jpg

the emory douglas youth & family arts program

Emory Douglas Youth/Adult Arts program will provide exposure to visual arts classes to school aged youth and adults in separate classes.  This program is named after Emory Douglas, who was the Director of arts for the Black Panther Party.  His arts not only shaped the culture of the past movement, it has also influenced the artistic activism of the present. Youth and adults will have the opportunity to learn from 3 separate visual artists during 2023.  Each class will occur once a week, for 2 hours, running 4-6 weeks. Each class will conclude with a family meal and discussion.   The year will conclude with a showcase of arts from both youth and adults. 

Food Sovereignty
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