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Living Record

a BLMDetroit Media Presentation


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"The Living Record"

a BLMDetroit Podcast

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"The Record"

a BLMDetroit Blog

About Us


Our Mission Statement

BLMDetroit fights for Black liberation, using mass media and educational programming to foster an ever-evolving ecosystem based upon the equitable representation and centering of all identities within the African diaspora.

Our Values

BLMDetroit chooses to actively participate in the cultivation of a culture that affirms, uplifts, and honors the multitude of life experiences within Black communities and across all spectrums.  We choose to use our platform to uplift long-standing activists; providing avenues for: 

  • political education 

  • artistic expression and education

  • cultural, social, economic analysis

  • food and nutrition justice activism

  • direct support for those impacted by state-sanctioned violence.

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