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BLM is a Black led movement.  We welcome individuals of every identity, and make an effort to center the most marginalized among us.




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Just our existence is an example of our strength.


We are the living representation of the struggle our ancestors have endured.


We are their legacy, and we embody the victories of our future. 


We Are The Living Record. 

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"The Record"

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Our Mission Statement

BLMDetroit fights for Black liberation, using mass media and educational programming to foster an ever-evolving ecosystem based upon the equitable representation and centering of all identities within the African diaspora.

Our Values

BLMDetroit chooses to actively participate in the cultivation of a culture that affirms, uplifts, and honors the multitude of life experiences within Black communities and across all spectrums.  We choose to use our platform to uplift long-standing activists; providing avenues for: 

  • political education 

  • artistic expression and education

  • cultural, social, economic analysis

  • food and nutrition justice activism

  • direct support for those impacted by state-sanctioned violence.

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The Living Record

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