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The Election of Donald Trump

On November 4th, 2016, the fragile fabric of American culture continued to unravel as the election of Donald J. Trump furthered the intentional tragedy of systemic White American privilege and patriarchy.  

Black Lives Matter Detroit stands united in vehement opposition to the blatantly bigoted rhetoric espoused by our newly elected President.  This divisive ideology serves only to reinforce a culture of fear and isolationism.  His administration trades in the currencies of racism and sexism, offering policies that capitalize on the basest of instincts.  

We do not, however, pretend this to be an unforeseen aberration in our history.  Mr. Trump’s campaign capitalized on the fear of a downtrodden demographic – exploiting  a widening wealth-gap in favor of sexism, race baiting, and fear mongering.  His presence is merely an extrapolation of divisive conservative policies, and evidence of historically endemic injustice. 

Our work, however, remains unaltered.  Our spirits soar; forever emboldened. 

The organizers and activists of BLMDetroit will continue to push against this tide of erasure until our culture truly embodies the essence of pluralism.  We will fight for a common culture that affirms and uplifts the individual identities of all citizens; waging war against any tidal seeking to silence the glory found in the recognized pride of culture. 

We stand as one united community, forever proud of the history from which our future rises.  We battle for the rights of all Black Americans, and happily choose to take up arms on behalf of and in concert with the community from which we were birthed. 

We stand defiant and determined, informed and inspired.  We did not choose this battle, it chose us.


We are many.  We are one.  We are Detroit...and our Black Lives Matter.