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Paula "Miz Korona" Smiley

Committee Chair

Black Arts

Miz Korona is a born and raised Detroit hip hop artist, community leader and activist. She comes from Detroit music roots- her father was a member of 70s R&B group The Floaters. He wanted her to sing like him, but instead she decided to rhyme as a way to express her stories and innovate the art form she grew up listening to.

Miz Korona was featured in the blockbuster Film 8 Mile alongside multi platinum recording artists Eminem and Xzibit. In the years since, she has won multiple Detroit Music Awards (Best Hip-Hop Artist) and Detroit Hip-Hop Awards (Best Female Artist three years in a row), She also won the 1st Detroit Hip Hop Lifetime Achievement Award and appeared on albums by Detroit staples and artists around the world.

More recently she was hand picked to headline the 8 Mile 15 year Anniversary celebration concert at Saint Andrews Hall and Friday Night Live at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

As the core leader for BLM Detroit’s Black Arts my mission is to provide a safe performance space and platform for Black artists of all age ranges and creative genres.