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Kezia Curtis

Co-Lead Organizer

Kezia Renee Curtis is an aspiring healer and chef, a reiki practitioner, and a lifelong Nonviolence (positive peace) activist from Detroit, Michigan.   Curtis' Social Justice passions encompass Black liberation, Black & Palestinian solidarity, feminism, and queer activism.  

As a Black Lives Matter (BLM) Detroit Co-Lead Curtis focuses on keeping the organization in alignment with its mission and vision, as well as in harmony with the broader BLM  region and network.  For the past 15+ years Curtis has had experience in developing, creating, and implementing programs in line with the larger vision of profit and nonprofit organizations (Leaps & Bounds Family Services, Urban Leadership Specialist, Feedom Freedom Growers, and Detroit Area Restorative Justice Center).  During this time Curtis has also had the honor of developing and launching collective organizations that center the safety , support and voices of women, women of color, lesbian, queer and trans identities (Fender Bender Detroit and Healing by Choice!).  As a member of those collectives she held multiple lead and support roles in fundraising, event planning, volunteer coordination, project development and implementation, and facilitation.  Weaved throughout Curtis' commitments to the work are the values of transformation, safety, and connection.

I am a Living Record of every Black body that has been tried to be erased. Of every stolen and enslaved African.  Of every black body that sought freedom and traveled the Underground Railroad.  Of each Black body that migrated from the south to Detroit.  Of every black person that has dared to be unapologetic and reimagine, create, and take hold of our destiny.  I am a Living Record of black beauty, creativity, genius, love, resilience, royalty, strength, and excellence.” - Kezia Curtis