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Angela Abiodun

Committee Chair

Healing Justice

Angela Abiodun’s commitment to healing justice is grounded in her own personal need to heal. While teaching in Louisiana, she realized that her coping mechanisms were more harmful than stress relieving and she intentionally began building practices to support the way she wants to exist in this world. That was 7 years ago, and she continues to shift and expand the way she engages with healing. While it started for her, it quickly became tied to sharing the practices that provided her relief with those around her. She began by sharing her practice with her students, then with friends and family and then on a larger community scale. Through a mixture of body and energy work, writing and self reflection, and her spiritual practice she finds herself deeply committed to creating space for black people to navigate their trauma and explore a variety of ways of interacting to encourage more self love, grounded in accountability, boundary building and communal support. She spends her days working as a Mindfulness Coordinator in an elementary school on the west side, teaching yoga in Hamtramck and building out a Safety Team for Detroit. She continues to create her lived experience using knowledge gained through her yoga practice, experiences with children and interactions with nature. In her spare time she writes, colors and dances under the moon.